Why entrepreneurs fear success and how to handle it

What if your biggest dreams can come true, are you ready for the paradigm shift associated with it? It is not always the fear of failure that holds us back, but the fear of success could also have the same effect and keep us from achieving our goals.

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Why would someone fear success?

One common trait of successful people is their attitude towards failure and the number of times they comfortably proceeded to carry on with their efforts despite their results. Almost all great story for success starts with its list of defeats.

How can the same thing you so desire to achieve also be the reason for your biggest fear?

We all love to stay in our comfort zone, though change could also be for a better life. Being in your comfort zone can cause you to have such morbid fear about any change. In addition to wishing for all the wonderful things in your life, it is also best to remove the mental block and fear about altering some aspects of your life for a better lifestyle.

How do you handle success anxiety?

Imagine the dream life and get rid of everything that has no purpose anymore, in order to give more room for the fantastic things that will come your way. Now is the time to look at the specifics of your life and decide what you’re ready to give up. You don’t plan on having to give up the people, connections, and routines that make your current life comfortable in order to live your ideal life.

Since it might be extremely difficult to give up on many things that you consider to be important now, you start to fear achievement as a result.

Remember you are creating a new you for the success that is waiting for you. You old beliefs, baggage, thoughts, energies of others, will have to go to allow for all the new goodness to fill that space.

You must change as well in order to succeed. You won’t be able to achieve the new level you’ve been dreaming of with your old structures. You have to let go of everything that no longer serves you and shed the person you once were. It’s unsettling to approach the unknown when only partially shielded. Although that stage of transition can be frightening, seize the chance for development. Spend that time alone with your thoughts getting to know yourself and what makes you happy. Get clear on what you want and who you want to be during this time alone. Become more resilient from the inside out so that you can bravely take those daring new moves in the correct direction. Your dream life is within your reach.

Source: Entrepreneur

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