Why franchising is perfect for women

When it comes to being your own boss, it includes being able to multitask various things. And women in general are gifted with the ability to do so. However, there could be few fair reasons like lack of experience and confidence that hinders the entrepreneurship spirit. But these challenges apply to men and women likewise. Nevertheless, let us try to understand the advantages and see why franchising is perfect for women?

Soft skills are resourceful

Franchising is not purely based on previous experience or qualifications. But rather transferable skills and preferred characteristics such as commitment, ambition and being a team player within the network. Good communication and problem solving can come in very handy too.

Less risky

Moreover, since women are risk averse, franchising can be a relatively safe choice for investment. That is to say, franchising is based on a established business model, set processes, ongoing support and training. All these advantages are an attractive package for being successfully self employed.

Age is irrelevant

Some young women feel that they might not be taken seriously in business, believing they may not have enough experience. But this is not true. Jennie Mills, winner of the Young Female Franchisee of the Year at the 2019 BFA/HSBC Franchise Awards shares her experience.

“I wish I could start my own business, I wish I could be my own boss, just a few of the phrases I often hear. Almost five years ago at the age of just 23, I embarked on a journey into the daunting world of property restoration.

“My business specialises in dealing with homes after they’ve had a fire, flood or home disaster, and believe me when I say it, I knew absolutely nothing about this industry prior to beginning my own franchising journey,” says Jennie.

Career Change

After working for years in the corporate sector, investing your income as a side hustle or new adventure can be profitable idea. Since the business model comes with adequate support and training, the transition can be smooth.


Like any business, franchising will require your 100 percent commitment. However, being your own boss means, you can choose what hours and days you wish to work. How you schedule your work and prioritise tasks is also fully under your discretion.

There are plenty of reasons why franchising is ideal for women. Be it either as an additional profitable investment opportunity or to create financial freedom by being self employed. To summarize, franchising can indeed offer women the opportunity and support necessary to reach their dreams.

Source: Franchise World

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