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Arab Franchise is a leading online resource for Arab Franchise opportunities and knowledge center for anyone seeking on the franchise industry. Khaled Almaeena – Chairman and Editor at Large of Arab Business Media Group FZC LLC., which publishes “Arab Franchise Magazine”. Khaled Almaeena was former Editor-in-chief of Arab News, Saudi Gazette and he occasionally contributes commentary columns for Gulf News, Al Eqtisadiah, Times of Oman, Asian Age, The China Post, Asharq Al-Awsat, Al Madina and Urdu News. He was also a Saudi television news anchor, talk show host, radio announcer and lecturer. Khaled Almaeena also serves as a Member of Advisory Board for Gulf at TAIB Bank.

He was the one who launched “SAUDI TOP 100” Brands event in Saudi Arabia

1.What made you start Business Media Publications especially Franchise Business Magazine?

KAM: Arab Business Media Group FZC LLC was started with aim to focus on speciality business magazines and one of the sectors which we have special focus is Franchise Business Industry.

2.When did start the publication of Arab Franchise magazine? What was the idea behind it?

KAM: It was started in 2020 in the UAE. Every issue of Arab Franchise, features brand profiles of franchisors seeking franchisees, as well as interviews, details of industry trends and a comprehensive listings section that’s designed to help readers find the right franchise opportunity. The magazine is available in both print and digital formats, and has independently audited circulation of 20,000 across the Middle East. Our website has been developed alongside with the magazine, and is an invaluable resource for franchisors looking for their Investor network expansion, as well as aspiring franchisees wanting to start their own businesses.

3.What is your target audience?

KAM: Target Audience of our magazine are; Entrepreneurs, Franchisors, Retailers, Realty firms, Franchise Consultants, Distributors, Suppliers catering to product supplies and Investors looking to invest in multiband

4. What is your opinion on effect of COVID on Franchise industry?

KAM: The impact of COVID-19 has touched every business, including the franchise industry.  This new landscape has forced franchisors and franchisees to work together to adapt to this situation.  As anticipation for the availability of mass vaccination programmes grows, franchisors are now in a position to look ahead to consider their future in a post-COVID-19 landscape. We need to overcome the potential challenges on the horizon for franchising as we look ahead to a post-COVID-19 world.

5. How do you assess the growth of Franchise industry in the Arab World?

KAM: The Middle East has become a global hotspot for business franchising. Franchising is a common solution for many companies wishing to expand their brand without investing an extensive amount of their own capital. Many brands based in areas like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany to name a few have franchised numerous units in their own country. However, more and more are finding the Middle East’s economic climate an interesting proposition. The majority of franchising opportunities in the Middle East are in food, hospitality, beverage and retail operations. Experts at Global Intelligence Alliance recently observed that the gross domestic product for the MENA region was around $1.4 trillion. Business brands from around the world are drawn to the Arab world for franchising options because of the numerous tax-free zones, increasing numbers of foreign workers and the elite jet setters that love to invest in successful business models.

6. Do you think the food and Beverage sector has the largest growth potential in franchising in the Arab world?

KAM: The franchising industry has seen wide likability and acceptance in the food and beverage sector, within the GCC countries. Eating out has become a part of the region’s culture and tourism practices. In addition, the liking for U.S. style casual dining has further helped drive the entry and growth of international fast-food joints in the region. Fast food is expected to account for 40% of the franchising market overall; in Egypt, nearly 75% of franchises opt to represent retail and food brands. Particularly, international food and beverage sector has widely grown in the GCC region. Industry experts and leading franchising consulting firms expect the region’s F&B franchises to grow by 35% in the coming years, and maintain their dominance over other sectors like education, maintenance and health services, which are underdeveloped and are growing slowly.

7. What is your contribution to the franchise Industry?

KAM: Arab Franchise Magazine has been helping people find their perfect franchise leads since 2020. Published monthly, the industry’s top experts write for the magazine on a range of key franchise awareness subjects, including:

  • The skills you’ll need to become a franchisee
    • How to find the right franchise
    • Funding your franchise business
    • The legal aspects of owning a franchise
    • Why you should invest in a franchise business
    • How to franchise your business

8. What do you predict Post Covid franchise Situation?

KAM: The International Franchise Association estimates more than 30,000 new franchised locations will be added post covid in the USA. Employment is projected to grow by more than 10%. The projections hinge on several factors including control of the pandemic, the vaccine rollout and government aid to businesses and individuals. In addition, franchise employment is set to rise more than 10% to nearly 8.3 million workers, the group said. It added that of the nearly 800,000 expected new jobs worldwide, many will come from the retail, food and services sectors.

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