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It all started with an idea that was followed by four months in a single room researching recipes and experimenting with them. Balista began with a wheat burger and a wheat wrap. They now serve over 50 different dishes. Balista, a new company in India, is looking forward to offering people with nutritious yet delectable meals. They aim to spread happiness throughout the country and around the world, by opening stores in every city feasible. Balista is an exciting place to savor the brand’s famous Burgers in various breads that are produced utilizing signature recipes and have a home-cooked feel to them. It’s a great spot to hang out or enjoy a full lunch with friends, family, and coworkers. In this interview with Hardik Luhar – Director of Balista, he shares with us his big plans for the brand.

1. How did you enter the franchise business?

We started getting inquires for franchisee. Customers were happy by quality and taste of our foods. So we thought lets expand our business via franchise module.

2. Where and how did the idea of your concept come from?

As pharmaceutical background, we wanted to keep focus on customer experience, healthy fast food, quality of food with process driven operations. So, we started food truck.

3. What inspired the brand name?

Our menu was western, so wanted to keep name fancy and trendy. So Balista word derived from word ballistic missile.

4. What is the story behind the brand’s logo?

B for balista and Burger, We also incorporated burger icon in our logo

5. What makes your brand different from your competitors?

Homemade secret recipes which are invented by us, Our concept is Vegan-vegetarian. We don’t overcook our food so nutrition remains intact.

6. What are the essential qualities that you look for in a franchisee?

  • He/she must have entrepreneur, who can help branch to grow further.
  • Must be obedient to follow SOP and training module.
  • Must have long vison for brand.

7. How long does it take, on average, for your franchisee to realize their investment?

We started franchise two years back in Canada, As per our experience many external factors work to realize the investment of franchise.

But ideally for international franchise we says it takes 36 to 48 Months on a very pessimistic side.

8. What was the major challenge you faced in your career and how did you overcome it?

When we gave franchisee out of country, our major challenges were supply-chain.

Now we are growing and branches are opening so we hired employee who manages all the things.

8.1 What is your best achievement?

To go abroad and after 1.5 year we got tremendous response from customers. We got 5 stars google rating. More than 2000 customer rated us. People loved our food.

9. How does your business day start?

Typically, all our franchises are based in Canada, so instead of day I will say its Night.

We have all the meetings schedules on weekly basis with franchises, and vendors of upcoming stores. Our architect is from Dubai, our consultant team is from Canada and designer is Based in USA.

Rest Manufacturing is based in India, One of my partner takes care of business in India of managing all the vendors and suppliers.

10. What was your best moment throughout your franchise career?

When a customer eats and gives a positive review, we are over whelmed and satisfied. This gives us confidence that we are going in right direction.

11. Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

We want to expand our brand in Canada, USA, Australia, UAE.

By end of 2023 we are open for GULF and USA. We want Indian veg food to reach across the world. And we want the brand to be recognised Internationally.

12. Any tips you want to impart to our readers who want to be in the franchise industry?

Human can fail but process never.

So, make proper process driven system. Consider franchisee as your business partner. Give best support to franchisee so he and you both can grow together.

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