Golden franchise opportunity with LBMA Gold Trading

The value of gold has always been seen as one of the best investments. Even when the economy was shaken, the value of gold was untouched. Such is the quality of this product, which has been one of the major elements of world economies. Nevertheless, it is very important to source gold from a reliable and experienced seller. You can find a golden franchise opportunity with LBMA Gold Trading, who have their origins in Dubai – the City of Gold. We find out more about this from Mr. Mahmoud AlMullah – Managing Director of LBMA GOLD TRADING LLC.

1. How did you enter the franchise business?

We always rely on thinking outside the box to find solutions that develop the gold industry and diversify gold products to meet the growing needs of individuals in light of the ongoing economic market challenges and unpleasant economic surprises and their reflection on the individuals and society by finding innovative solutions and product lines that enrich the lives of individuals and pave the way for them to reach their financial freedom, that creates the necessity of taking this concept into a franchise level to allow worldwide expansion to help the individual to benefit from our solutions that suits their financial capacity and facilitate their gold ownership.

2. Where and how did the idea of your concept come from?

It has been started in the United Arab Emirates particularly in Dubai the “City of Gold”, the idea came from the continuous challenges of economic unpleasant surprises, monetary policy changes which have a deep impact 0n human lives and their ability to achieve their financial goals and freedom.

Covid-19 has given undeniable proof of the gold real value as a safe haven during any crises or pandemic to find another safe path into human’s life journey.

We believe in our mission towards mankind enrichment by finding new products that meet the customers’ desires from one hand and take in consideration their financial capability in the acquisition of gold on the other hand, LBMA GOLD TRADING has created new products that meet the needs of the growing markets and the customers desires to have the best, safest and reliable alternatives and solutions to be available in to their hands, we believe in our mission to improve the lives of mankind and give them everything they need in a very simple and efficient way.

In order to make that as a reality LBMA GOLD TRADING has created the following: –

A. Fine Gold Bullions 999.9 Purity, 24 Karat for Saving Purposes.
B. Customized Gold Gift Cards where the Customers can Gift Gold, “gift with Value”.
C. High End Jewelry Collections That Match the Taste of Modern styles.
D. Gold Leaf where the customers can add a touch of elegance into his food and beverages.
E. Cryptocurrency the backed by physical gold which has intrinsic value.
F. Gold Bank where the customers can Buy and ship, Buy and store, Buy and sell, Buy and Mortgage.

All solutions we have invented till now it is just a drop on the sea of what we plan to provide mankind with.

3. What inspired the brand name?

LBMA GOLD is the Most familiar and trusty name in gold business where the people knew the integrity and credibility of that particular name.

4. What is the story behind the brand’s logo?

LBMA logo

The logo was designed in Belgium the “Land of Diamond” that simulate luxury and protection.

Lions: means strength and fortitude, symbolizes gold.

Shield: symbolizes the protection that gold provides to its owner.

Crown: symbolizes the majesty that gold contains throughout all ages.

Tree leaves: symbolize the penetration and uniqueness of the roots of our industry.

Two lines: symbolize clarity of vision and integrity in our message.

5.What makes your brand different from your competitors?

There is no real competition we have in the gold trade specifically for several reasons.

A. Gold is a rare metal so whoever owns gold does not suffer at all from competition, simple the one who has gold he can sell it anytime, anywhere very easily.
B. We are unique in our products as they have no competitors with regard to customized gold gift cards where the customer can create his/her own design and he can gift it at any occasion to his family members or his/her loved one.
C. digital currencies “cryptocurrency” backed by physical gold; a cryptocurrency has an intrinsic value.
F. First Global Gold Bank, which has not been established by any competitor during the past hundred years.
E. Jewelry collections from the high-end manufacturers in modern styles that match all desires with elegance and very competitive prices.

6. What are the essential qualities that you look for in a franchisee?


He/She has

A. No criminal activity involvement or convection.

B. Integrity.

C. Passion.

D. Commitment.

E. A Good reputation.

Not necessarily with Experience in the gold business.

7. How long does it take, on average, for your franchisee to realize their investment?

First Year: 45%.
Second Year: 63%.
Third Year: 76%.
Fourth Year: 85%.
Fifth Year: 90%.

8. What was the major challenge you faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

So far we are on track, we did not face any major challenge.

8.1. What is your best achievement?

Customized Gold Gift Cards.
Gold Backed cryptocurrency.
Gold Bank.

9. How does your business day start?

We have invented complete back office software which facilitate work flow smoothly.

A. morning meeting with all departments to assess the current status and plan for future projects to keep steps ahead and to be always the Market leader at all time.

B. Execute of the previous day orders.

C. Prepare the shipment and logistics.

D. Quality control before product leave company premises.

E. IT department new post and campaign preparation.

F. Follow up our Franchisee work progress and assess work progress status and coordinate closely in typical advertising and blogs target their aria and people.

10. What was your best moment throughout your franchise career?

Sorry to say that but When Covid-19 started sales fly high by 5 times more than the normal day to day working that gives a real impact on business all over the word and investors starts contacting us to take our franchise after pandemic hits lots of business, they started to think seriously to obtain a new business opportunities that does not affected by any unpleasant surprise in future.

11. Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

39 – 42 Countries. to be able to deliver our solutions and products to all mankind and open the door for them to find safe financial shelter.

12. Any tip for the reader who wants to be in the franchisee business?

Of course. Market fluctuations and surprises that occur in front of entrepreneurs, competition, market quotas, consumer trends, the situation of the global economy and other challenges have made it difficult for investors and entrepreneurs to find real business opportunities that protect their capital and not negatively affected by the fluctuations of the economy.

Therefore, we advise from long experience in this field, entrepreneurs must think seriously when he approach new business opportunity to focus on asset safety, sustainability, consumers trends.
That’s why gold business always stand tall against all economic or political challenges.

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