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The “Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq” believes in staying current with international aesthetic and beauty trends. The best skin care products and beauty therapies are provided by Beautiq, who also customizes them to address specific skin issues. It’s one of the finest skin clinics in Delhi because of the consideration and accuracy paired with safety and cleanliness standards. In this interview with Priyanka Ahmed, Founder & Director – Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq, she shares with us her keen interest to open the doors for franchising her revolutionary skin cliniq.

1. How did you enter the franchise business?

Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq is one of the choicest medspas in Delhi NCR and is frequently visited by expats and international tourists. The idea is to open handful of tranquil medspas at choicest locations in India and International. Franchise business is undoubtedly the way forward.

2. Where and how did the idea of your concept come from?

Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq is the culmination of my life experiences. While growing up I had my usual girl issues as every other girl had pcos, unwanted hair growth, acne, acne marks to excessive hair fall. I visited various top notch clinics and doctors and to my disappointment my situation only became worse. Some recommended steroids to stop hair fall while others sold me package of laser hair reduction only to come back to me after a year and say learn to live with it. Also an authentic spa experience was missing in high streets of India more so for women.

It is then I decided to study skin and the science behind it to get a radiant clear skin. I am an internationally certified skin and aesthetic laser consultant and reading more and more about skin is my passion. I wanted to create a place for people to unwind and rejuvenate for the healthy glow inside out. I joined hands with various doctors and spa professionals on the way and that’s how Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq came into existence.

3. What inspired the brand name?

‘Beautiq’ represents beauty in a boutique (read aesthetic set-up) and the word massage is derived from the Arabic word ‘Masah’. So when beauty and massage come together they make ‘Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq’.

4. What is the story behind the brand’s logo?

The logo is a gift to me by my spiritual guru. Making your skin feel and look good is my life purpose…She encapsulated beauty in that circle for me to disseminate.

5. What makes your brand different from your competitors?

1. The intent behind the brand to deliver the best in skin and spa is what sets us apart from our competitors.
2. Protocol for doctors to counsel and sell unlike counselor consults at other clinics
3. Authentic spa experience
4. Self branded machinery, leading to considerable reduction in costs

6. What are the essential qualities that you look for in a franchisee?

The understanding of dynamics of retail as well as service industry is a must. The entrepreneurship qualities along with ability to help brand grow is what the company is looking at the moment.

7. How long does it take, on average, for your franchisee to realize their investment?

3.5 years approximately

8. What was the major challenge you faced in your career and how did you overcome it?

To keep the motivation levels of team high at all times is sometimes challenging. To overcome it I involve them in decision making process and encourage them to give me solutions. Also bringing something new at regular intervals is exciting and engaging for them.

8.1 What is your best achievement?

My brand ‘Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq’ is my best achievement so far.

9. How does your business day start?

I start my day by meeting people to explore new opportunities, new avenues for growth. I keep mundane routine tasks towards the end of day.

10. What was your best moment throughout your franchise career?

We have yet to start franchising.

11. Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Boutique tranquil med-spas at a handful of strategic locations pan India and abroad. People will always look for experiences and Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq will be the amongst the one to provide experiential beauty services.

12. Any tips you want to impart to our readers who want to be in the franchise industry?

Franchising is a great way to start earning from day one as you are already a part of an established brand. The processes are already sorted and you get a lot on platter (location selection, manpower selection, store design, marketing). But having said that to run your own unit, the onus still lies on you…so you better be on your toes.

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