Unveiling the journey of FAD in UAE

Salma Matar Mubarak Al Mansouri

Salma Matar Mubarak Al Mansouri is the Director-in-Charge of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ADCCI). She shares her experiences in the interview below, while unveiling the journey of FAD in UAE. Their vision is to nurture, support and diversify the areas of franchising activities in the UAE.

1.How did you enter in the franchise business?

Franchise development program was initiated by Entrepreneur Development Dep. Head Salma Matar Al Mansouri in 2009 at ADCCI.  First it began by a series of meetings and awareness workshops , discussions groups & seminars which continued till 2011. Later from 2011 to 2012 they continued strengthening contacts with International Franchise Associations through letters and direct contacts. Through that period Dr. Hatem Zak the Chairman of the Egyptian Franchise Association, extended his support and spoke about building an Association for UAE.

In 2012 we talked with Dr. Hatem about building an Association for UAE. In addition, we received from him & his team assistance, training and useful facilities. Subsequently, we set our plans with our consultant Dr.Elrayah, to have proposals and structure with a road Map to build the UAE  Franchise Association. This included extensive franchise awareness program & training too.

Salma Al Mansure pursued this matter on her work trip to Cairo. To become a recognized member of WFC, we needed to fulfil the WFC standards & eligibility criteria. Meanwhile, we gained the support of IFA. Manal Al Masri an outstanding franchise expert, was of great help in all aspects for the success of our programs.

In the end as a result of our contacts, our first International Conference & Exhibition was held in 2013 at Abu Dhabi. It was attended by The Chairman of Franchise Associations from France, Britain, European and Asian countries. Since then, exhibitions continued yearly and UAE Franchise Development Association (FAD) was announced publicly in 2014. It witnessed many seminars, workshops, awareness & training activities. Some International Authors even published their books.

Main Franchise Investors in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, like Albastaki and Al Madani, offered remarkable efforts to support our  franchise programs. Abu Dhabi Chamber Director General & senior staff offered  strong unlimited  leadership support to the franchise programs.

2.What are the support your organization provide to the franchise community?

1) Boosting Franchise knowledge and awareness.

2) Training, Programs and Workshops.

3) Direct help and reviewing of the Technical side and Franchise Contracts.

4) Exhibitions and Marketing.

5) Help in Building the Brand.

6) Continuous constancy and guidance and assistance.

7) Dissemination of information about exhibition worldwide.

3. What are the benefits to be a member of an association?

1) Low Fees in Exhibition.

2) facilitate participation in other exhibition worldwide.

3) Building your Brand or Re-branding with members in the association with real expertise.

4) All the services provided by entrepreneur development department in Abu Dhabi.

5) Availing information need through direct contact with other associations.

6) Increase his awareness to avoid risk and mishaps

7) Help from our Advisory Council of senior  and key franchise owners

8) Reconciliation guidance

 4.What are the important obligations association members must comply?

1) Enclose documents of his Company

2) Comply with rules & regulations

3) Comply with the code of Ethics & good practice drives.

4) Provide any information necessary if needed.

5) Apply the Franchise Basic fundamentals.

6) Observe rules and business regulation in UAE

5. What do you think are the essential qualities of a franchise brand to succeed in the UAE market?

1)  Have a Market study and well market positioning revised periodically

2) Brand Appeal and power to influence customers

3) Customers from many countries & nationalities ability to satisfy people needed

4) Best Quality in a highly competitive economy

5) Risk analysis & monitoring

6. What was the major challenge you faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

1) Major challenge now is the pandemic impact on Franchise and how to overcome the differentials facing the business environment.

2) In my career, I always expect challenges but I sure have the will to surmount it and succeed.

6.1 What is your best achievement?

I began the Franchise program in Abu Dhabi Chamber in 2008. In other words, I am proud of what I achieved by establishing the first franchise association in the Gulf state – FAD.

7. How does your business day start?

Start with revise and evaluating last day work and plan for a new day with high spirits joining my team with me.

8. What was your best moment throughout your franchise career?

To watch FAD emerge from its first stages, and move forward to build strong connections with world Franchise Associations and Franchise Leaders is rewarding. I enjoy working with them. Further, there is no denying the fact that I have craved myself a name in the industry for franchise development.

9. Where do you see the UAE franchise market in the next 5 years?

1) Expanding regionally and worldwide as a Franchise Leader in the Middle East

2) More Emirati Brands to venture and thrive . They must be known internationally as smart innovative modern businesses

10. Any tips you want to impart to our readers who want to be in the franchise industry?

Trust the franchise model and connect with known franchise leaders in UAE. Above all, experts in FAD will always extend a helping hand. We are here to assist you.

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