Ways to improve traffic to your restaurant

How are some businesses making it through this pandemic? The world seems to have slowed down in the current coronavirus situation. But the ideas to keep a business running have increased. New challenges usually make us take a spot away from our comfort zone. And if we focus and work on it, we might not just survive, but get through all this as a leader. The food industry, in particular, is facing some challenges. Some ways to improve traffic to your restaurant, in general, are as below.

1. Delivery is essential

The lockdown issued in most parts of the world has curbed the dine-in traffic. But this is not the end of the restaurant. Delivery and take away can be profitable too. The rise in rent and license renewals is also contributing to increased delivery market. Likewise, the wide range of food delivery apps has made it easy to get food at one’s doorstep. “Contact-less delivery” option is the most popular during the epidemic. You can partner with existing delivery apps like Zomato, Deliveroo or even create your own app. Technology is inevitable part of existence in today’s world.

2. Exceed expectations

You can stand out among the other million food businesses or your competitors. Give your customer a little extra service when they choose you. For instance, you can do this with a special discount for loyal customers.  Likewise a personalized note or greeting on delivery. There are many ways to show you care without hurting your budget too much.

3. Marketing is important

Currently, we have numerous options to choose from in any industry. Competition is highest in the food industry. So it is important to not just let people know you exist but stay in their memory. They can choose you only if they think about you. You can get creative and post trendy adverts in social media, emails, text or even radios and television.

4. Be unique

Talking in terms of our local UAE market, creativity is highly praised. Be ahead of the game and be unique. There are plenty of Indian and Arabic restaurants currently in UAE. However, as a KPMG survey states, Asian cuisine, especially Vietnamese and Korean, are expected to see a greater acceptance in the near future.

5. Consistency is key to success

Consistency is more important that perfection. Trust and loyalty is built with consistency in quality and delivery. Stay consistent to retain your current customers. Eventually, your customer base will grow when new customers give good referrals and through word of mouth.

It is not the strongest, but the most adaptable that survive. The above ways to improve traffic to your restaurant can help you adapt and emerge a winner during this pandemic.

Source: Entrepreneur

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