Sport Clips’ Strategic Growth Saga

In the early ’90s, Gordon Logan identified a gap in the hair care industry and founded Sport Clips in 1993, a brand exclusively focused on men and boys. This visionary move led Sport Clips to become one of the nation’s premier franchise systems, marked by strategic growth, unwavering values, and a significant contribution to the industry.

Sport Clips‘ journey, from a prototype store in Austin, Texas, to approaching 1,900 locations across North America, reflects deliberate expansion. Gordon Logan’s commitment to values, doing the right thing, and treating people right has been pivotal in establishing a strong culture and attracting top talent.

In 2020, Edward Logan took the reins as CEO, steering Sport Clips through the challenges of the pandemic while maintaining a focus on core guiding principles. Edward’s leadership and the brand’s aggressive yet values-driven approach allowed Sport Clips not only to weather the storm but to emerge stronger.

As Sport Clips approaches a milestone of 1,900 locations, the brand’s future appears bright. Edward Logan expresses confidence, stating, “There’s no question that the future of Sport Clips is very bright.” Furthermore, as a private company, Sport Clips prioritizes doing what is right, ensuring a strong culture, a fantastic franchise network, and a commitment to innovative thinking.

Sport Clips has achieved over $4 billion in cumulative haircut sales since its establishment in 1993. This milestone highlights the brand’s widespread popularity and reflects Sport Clips’ quality services tailored to men’s grooming needs.

Moreover, Sport Clips has garnered recognition in the form of prestigious awards, solidifying its position in the franchise industry. In 2021, the brand secured the 17th position in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, showcasing its excellence in franchise performance. Additionally, Sport Clips made it to Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchises and Entrepreneur’s Top Franchises for Veterans in 2021, highlighting its commitment to impactful franchising.

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