A delectable Korean Fried Chicken chain – Bonchon

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Have you ever enjoyed a deep-fried crunchy chicken that is covered with your favorite sauce? If you have then this brand might just be what you are looking for. Though there are plenty of Fried Chicken recipes, Korean Fried Chicken has been one  of the top competitors in taste. A delectable Korean Fried Chicken chain – Bonchon has been growing its footprint around the world.

Crunch On with Bonchon

Bonchon was launched in Busan, South Korea in 2002. It was founded by Jinduk Seo, who dreamed of sharing his favourite flavors with the world. As a result, he perfected Bonchon’s signature sauces and fried chicken. His mission was to share Korean comfort food around the world.

Want to know what makes their food so delicious? It is their hand-battered, double-fried chicken that is hand brushed with sauces that come straight from their global kitchen in South Korea.

The brand started in New York in 2006 and has over 110 outlets all around USA. They also operate in Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and  Vietnam.

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