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Everybody loves ice cream! But not all ice creams are created equal. Not all ice creams are good for everyone’s health as they contain excessive sugar, fats from dairy, artificial flavours and colourings, artificial emulsifier and preservatives. Hence, Ice cream Lab decided to come up with an Ice Cream that’s is a healthier option, compare to other Ice Creams available in the market. This is about a dreamy yet healthy Ice Cream Lab, that offers a variety of fresh and natural flavours.

Innovative and Healthy

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Ice Cream Lab is an innovative international Ice Cream concept originated in California, USA, in year 2013, with their Head Office at UAE and is owned by an Emirati company. Ice Cream Lab, originally from Los Angeles, USA, has created ice cream that satisfies one’s cravings but leaves no guilt feelings.  Ice Cream Lab ice cream base is 100 percent Natural, the base is made without use of additives, preservatives, artificial colours/. The emulsifier used is also completely natural, with very limited use of sugar making it a low calorie Ice Cream. What also makes this ice cream unique is it is made-to-order using liquid nitrogen. Use of liquid nitrogen as the style of preparation to instantly freeze different natural ingredients into ice cream add a theatrics experience with the white smoke dissolving back in air. While customers watch their ice cream is getting ready to eat in a minute time.

Liquid nitrogen has proven to be an effective method for preparation of fresh ice cream, as the liquid Nitrogen disperses back in atmosphere, freezing the Organic Cream Base at the temperature of minus 192 degrees Celsius or minus 320 degree Fahrenheit in the mixture bowl. Ice Cream Lab ice cream does not need to be stored or prepared in large batches, making each cup fresh made to an order.

Delightful range of flavours

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Ice Cream Lab in the UAE boasts with 16 flavours that caters to suit the diverse tastes of the market – from the classic strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, to the more succulent blends like vanilla crock chocolate, pistachios, salt lick crunch, yogurt ice cream, lotus experiment, among others.  Milk shakes are also available for those who want to sip their desserts. “When we started in November 2014, we only had 7 flavours and then basing on the UAE culture and taste, we developed yogurt ice cream, yogurt base acai ice cream and came up with eight more. We through our R & D department, can come up with 1000s of new flavours suiting customers taste from various different cultures fitting to the market’s taste.

Fast growing high potential franchise

Ice cream lab

The Ice Cream Lab brand very quickly sprayed its wing across the globe, with their outlets in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi, Nigeria, Iraq, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe (Portugal & Sweden), and spreading across different parts India.  recently the new added markets were Malaysia, Sweden, UK, Portugal, Malaysia (Ipoh & Penang), Bangladesh & India. Markets soon to add to the present list are New Zealand, Egypt, Turkey, Singapore and Sri Lanka, which are on finalisation stage. Ice Cream Lab will soon re-enter USA.

For franchising queries please contact sachin.pradhan@icecreamlab.ae or info@icecreamlab.ae

Ice cream lab Ice cream lab

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