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As you must have come to notice from our recent Korean success stories. Korean fried chicken is very famous in Korea that one can see fried chicken restaurants in every street – especially in Seoul.

Today we introduce Barun Chicken, a Korean restaurant chain that offers simple and clean fried chicken. Their rice cake cheese fried chicken is very famous that many foodies advise tourists to try it out while in Korea. (Visit their website)

A healthy fried-chicken promise (58 Change)

Barun Chicken is the world’s first to set the standard for frying oil change rate.

When it comes to frying chicken in Barun Chicken kitchens, 18 liters of oil is used to fry only 58 chickens.

Afterwards, they use new oil for frying. The promise is that frying chicken with a certain amount of oil makes it more healthy.

They use domestic rice flour (easy to digest) to bring out one-piece nutritious Chicken cooked in a clean and open kitchen.

Franchising opportunities

ERU FC is a Korean company that operates 250 integrated franchises including Barun Chicken. They provide startup training, franchise consulting for the opening and regular follow-ups. They also create training and marketing content regularly and share it with franchisees. Finally, they also operate an academy for training franchisees and chefs.

A review on TripAdvisor website describes the food as: “The right combination of spicy tteokbokki with lots of cheese and moderately crispy boneless chicken.” (Tteokbokki is one of the most popular Korean street foods in Korea)

Another one adds that “Discounts are also available for takeaways.”

Saving the best for last, this review sums it up ” If you order chicken, french fries are also served. The quantity is generous.”

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