A Lebanese-Armenian culinary experience at Almayass


The fusion restaurants often combine the best of two worlds and plate it for their customers. And this beautiful and traditional restaurant has excelled at creating one such unique experience. A Lebanese – Armenian culinary experience at Almayass, will take your taste buds to the best traditional food experience in every bite.

Story of culinary experiences

The story of Almayass started in 1996 as the Alexandrian family decided to introduce their Lebanese at their Armenian home recipes and Armenian specialities to food lovers in Beirut. As a result, Mr.Alexandrian perfected in combining the two branches of Mediterranean cuisine – Lebanese and Armenian – into one unique and delectable experience. Following that, until today every guest at Almayass will find their taste to be familiar and traditional.

The word Almayass, that also sounds like ‘Al-mays’ mountain tree gushing through a delicate Mediterranean breeze, embodies the home like atmosphere of Almayass. A place where their guests will experience a culinary journey leaving them with heartwarming memories.

Almayass restaurants are also present in New York City, Abu Dhabi, dubai, Kuwait City and Doha. They have also been featured in The new York Times, new York Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, Los Angeles Times and many other international publications as a “must go” destination for a Lebanese-Armenian dining experience.

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