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Good skin care has numerous benefits including maintaining a healthy skin, keep it glowing and prevent acne or wrinkles and keep it looking young. “Soo” means water in Korean, and Dr. Soo as the name suggests is a leading brand that provides expert solutions through water for the best looking skin. The all in one care solutions from Dr.Soo promises to reduce and heal all your skin problems.

Story of Dr.Soo

Dr.Soo Corp was established in 2013 and began with education business. They then established SB cooperative union and advanced into education business in 2014. They same year they started Dr.Soo franchise business. Soon they released Dr.Soo products and started participation in beauty exhibitions. In addition, they also started to sign multiple MOUs with different countries including the Middle East, China and Vietnam.

Dr.Soo’s various care programs include pore spa therapy, hydrogen therapy, Anti-acne therapy, face outline reduction therapy, aroma healing therapy, slimming detox therapy, nerve head therapy, and hair loss, seborrheic scalp care therapy.

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