Astoria’s Story of Perseverance

Chile has been one of South America’s most prosperous countries. But the due to its geographical location, it has also been prone to numerous natural hazards. This includes earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanism, and landslides. In 2010, Chile faced one of the biggest and devastating earthquakes in the world. And Astoria’s Story of Perseverance against the natural calamities, is proof of their tough and driven spirit.

Chile food culture

Chile is a multi-ethnic society, including people of European and Indian ancestry. In addition their food culture was influenced by German, Italian and French cuisines. And some of the traditional Chilean recipes are still very popular all over the world. Furthermore, Chilean sandwiches have been identified as among the 10 best types of sandwiches globally.

Astoria’s Story of Perseverance

Astoria – Original Chilean Sandwiches was founded in 2009 in Concepcion Chile. They focused on traditional Chilean Sandwiches made to order using well loved Chilean recipes. 2009 was their first year of operation and the company had incredible sales. However, destiny had a different road plan for them.

In February 2010 the company had to face unexpected challenges starting with an earthquake. This measured 8.8 on the richter scale with its epicenter in Concepcion that destroyed their first store. Recovering from the earthquake Astoria worked hard to open a new store. In 2010 they opened a new location inside a shopping mall. The success of the brand and the products was immediate. However in February 2011 just one year after opening, a fire destroyed the shopping center.

In July 2011 they reopened for 2nd time in 3 years at the same shopping mall. And again, the response of the customers was incredible. Nothing could stop their entrepreneurial spirit. Nevertheless, they continued to prove their successful business model, despite the earthquake and fire.

They strengthen their business model, through innovative technology. Most importantly, they have over 25 years of experience and learning in the food industry. In addition, they have an environment friendly, and systematic franchise system in place. Their spirit to succeed and experience in the industry helps them ensure long term success for Astoria.

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