Be Part of Finsbury’s Success Story

From a dozen stores at the beginning of 2010 to more than 60 points of sale today (in France and abroad), Finsbury has seen a remarkable growth in recent years with their aggressive business strategy.

Leading specialist in men’s footwear with a unique collection of nearly 150 models, Finsbury attracts both a traditional and a more modern clientele thanks to the trendy designs of its creations.

The brand has also been, over the past few years, open to digital. At the end of 2014, the brand launched its own website: This launch was to help build and increase the notoriety of the brand and to take advantage of the current trend. Thanks to its new design with a neat, elegant and intuitive interface, the House has, today, the desire to break the men’s shoe codes.

Despite an agenda fully loaded with stores openings, the shoemaker decides, in 2015, to target new markets and opens its first stores abroad. Casablanca, Tunis, Lausanne: the first step towards Finsbury’s internationalization.

Today, with these successful experiences, Finsbury aims to open new stores in high demand neighboring countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, but also in new and fast-growing markets: Asia and the Middle East.

Where it all started. Finsbury was created in Northampton (​England), a very famous area for Goodyear stitched shoes. Created by Jean-Pierre Dahan and David Cohen, the House is established for the first time in France, in Paris in 1986. The founders’ motto is to position Finsbury as the competitive brand par excellence in the market by offering high-end shoes at a price under 1000 French francs. Very quickly, the brand became the new leader of the high-end Goodyear mount men’s shoes.

In 1994, Arnaud Bruillon joins the House as a part-time salesman. The founders, Mr Dahan and Mr Cohen, quickly understand he can be a key player at Finsbury, thanks to his motivation and dynamism. During these years, Arnaud Bruillon cultivates his love for the know-how and the elegance of men’s shoes. He then moved up many steps and became a point-of-sale manager. In 2000, he became the best franchisee of the Finsbury group, thanks to his store located on Les Petits Champs Street in Paris. Building on this success, he will open 7 new stores from 2000 to 2010.

Quite naturally, Arnaud Bruillon commits to acquiring Finsbury in 2010. Arnaud Bruillon expresses a unique vision for the brand: to translate the heritage of a House of know-how and tradition, animated by a creative passion. Very quickly, he structured the House and offered franchised external partners to settle in various French cities. Finsbury builds its success on an irreproachable service of consulting and customer experience associated with a product of high quality, chic, comfortable and fashion.

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