Bringing ballet into fitness at The Bar Method

People of any age, body type, and ability may pursue their strongest, healthiest selves with the help of The Bar Method. In order to live your best life, we think that both physical and mental strength must be developed. Our highly effective, total-body workout does just that.

How it began

Burr Leonard, the creator of the Bar Method, has always been a devoted student of ballet and jazz; in 1981, while residing in New York, Burr was introduced to the Lotte Berk Method. She developed into a diligent learner and observed a remarkable change in her body. Burr had a vision of developing her own version of the training regimen that would enable people of all ages and physical capabilities to develop robust, toned, long-lasting bodies. Burr improved the technique by working closely with a group of physical therapists to make it safer for the joints and more efficient at targeting the muscles.

When the method was perfected, she used her father George Leonard’s book “Mastery” as a source of inspiration to create a teaching strategy that would allow and inspire students to make long-lasting changes to their bodies and their daily lives outside of the classroom. The Bar Method that we are familiar with and adore today is a result of her passionate work.

The first flagship studio was established by Burr and Carl Diehl in San Francisco, California, in 2001. Their devoted customers began considering creating their own studios since they enjoyed the workout and sense of community so much. Burr oversaw the opening of the first franchised studios in California because she was passionate about encouraging people to follow their dreams and start their own businesses.

As word of The Bar Method spread across the nation, studios in New Jersey, Chicago, and New York opened their doors. Across the United States and Canada, there are currently close to 100 studios run by daring and creative businesspeople.

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