Champion Cleaners for all cleaning services

Champion Cleaners

Do you have someone who you can trust to take care of your dirty laundry? Someone to clean and care about your laundry and belongings. Because laundry is a never-ending story that we all wish could be handled for us. If you are looking for someone to trust your expensive clothes, bags or shoes, you need to look for qualified industry champions. For instance, Champion Cleaners for all cleaning services you will ever need will come to your rescue in the UAE.

Fast growing cleaning franchise

Champion Cleaners was established in the UAE in 1997. The company today has an expansive retail network of 45 outlets in UAE. Champion Cleaners receives more than of 1.3 million retail garments annually and has more than 19,000 Facebook followers. They operate a fully automatic washing and dry cleaning system with automatic dosing units. Moreover, they strive for a sustainable and environmentally conscious business to reduce their carbon footprint.


Champion Cleaners

Their services include – Bag & Shoes Spa, Alterations Clinique, Supercrease, Soft Toy Cleaning and Comprehensive Mattress Solution. Champion Cleaners at present is one of the very few retailers in UAE incorporating the state of the art Green Earth dry cleaning technology for extremely sensitive fabrics and children wear. Moreover, they also have online applications for easy service. In addition, they have more than 27 pick up and delivery trucks with credit card pay port options.

Champion Cleaners Champion Cleaners

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