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Desjoyaux Piscines

You can have your slice of heaven in your backyard, with a relaxing pool filled with crystal clear water. Swimming pools are an exciting part of your life, as it provides an excellent refreshment, recreation and good exercise. Piscines Desjoyaux – Industry Leaders of Pool Innovation have dedicated themselves to creating this enjoyable pool experience for your family.

Creating the Desjoyaux Experience

Piscines Desjoyaux

The first Desjoyaux pool dates back to 1966, when Jean Desjoyaux, an artisan mason, decided to pursue his ambition of making the joy and comfort of a personal, family pool available to as many people as possible. It proved an immediate success. And so was born the family pool, built to extremely high-quality standards, but produced on an industrial scale, thus making it more affordable. With two exclusive international patents under its belt, the Piscines Desjoyaux group is now successfully developing the very market it created.

Why choose Desjoyaux Pool experts?

Piscines Desjoyaux is currently the world’s largest swimming-pool manufacturing group and a brand whose leadership is known and recognized globally. Their expertise lies in its pioneering spirit, a unique and powerful network, the guarantee of a successful project.

Piscines Desjoyaux engages in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of swimming pools in France and internationally. The company offers outdoor, in-ground, indoor, above ground, communal, and floating pools, as well as spas. They also construct public pools, paving, and swimming pool edges, as well as pool-related equipment.

Desjoyaux pools are made in Saint-Étienne since 1966 covering over 45,000 m2 of factory floor space. Since the beginning their policy is on industrialized and controlled local production, guaranteeing an irreproachable and constant level of quality.

Moreover, they also provide environmentally friendly pools, that use 100% recycled swimming pool structure. Further, they have also added a plastics processing chain to the production site. Which allowed them to produce casing panels in recycled polypropylene.

Currently, they have over 380 stores on 5 continents and more than 220,000 pool installations. Thus, becoming the world’s leading exclusive network for the construction of in-ground pools.

Piscines Desjoyaux

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