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DIDIM is a global food service company specializing in the Korean food. It operates directly livestock and food manufacturing and distribution necessary. DIDIM started its business with small galbi restaurant in 10m² and established the livestock and food manufacturing plants and now became the no.1 food service company in Korea based on the success of MAPO GALMAEGI brand. They now work hard to achieve the globalization of Korean food.

The meaning of “DIDIM” is the stepping stone. It also contains the meaning of a win-win situation, denoting mutual success for both DIDIM and their partners / customers.

About Didim Inc.

Didim Inc. was established in 1999 and is based in Incheon, South Korea. It is part of the Other Specialty Trade Contractors Industry. It operates directly-managed restaurants under BAEKJEWON, TOKYO HANA, FIVE HUNDRED YEARS EELS, POOLSIDE22, HANRADAM, and BANSANG brands; franchises restaurants under MAPO GALMAEGI, MISULGWAN, Apple Samgyeopsal, Horaengi Gopchang, Whale Restaurant, and Whale Gamjatang brands in Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Additionally, it manufactures and distributes livestock feed and food for medium and large directly-managed store and franchise businesses. The company also engages in the manufacture, retail, and wholesale distribution of seasoned meat.

The manufacturing and distribution section of DIDIM is the foundation of food service business and at the same time the business area that is extending with sufficient competitiveness in the market.

DIDIM acquired HACCP processing factory certificate for seasoned meat and crushed processing meat in January 2008 and in October 2012

In 2020, DIDIM had over 20 Brands and 500 outlets in Korea, and 40 outlets in the international market. They are also looking for Korean Food franchisees / partners from all over the world. They welcome all preliminary franchisers or preliminary master representatives who have a strong passion and belief to Korean food.

For inquiry of overseas franchise,  you can always call (032) 456-8311 (website link)

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