Discover contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine at Slake

Slake opened its doors to the sleepy Opera Estate neighbourhood back in 2014. Being the best dine- in option in the area back then, a cult following quickly grew, giving it a reputation for inventive interpretations of Singaporean and regional flavours.

Slake is the brainchild of serial restauranteur, and self-professed food enthusiast Jeremy Cheok. He constantly challenges himself and his culinary team to use modern techniques, quality ingredients and a healthy dose of creativity to reinterpret the favourite dishes they grew up eating. This modern take on familiar heritage meals at Slake evokes nostalgic memories for many.

The brand name originated from Slake’s first location at Opera Estate – Swan Lake Avenue. Being an enthusiast of fusion, Chef Cheok took up Swans as the logo of the restaurant, and combined “Swan” and “Lake” into the brand name, giving birth to Slake.

Spearheaded by Chef Cheok, Slake focuses on contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine. Grounded by Chef Cheok’s rich Peranakan heritage, Slake cooks up an extensive range of delicacies with creative, original, unique local twists. These original signature dishes include Brussel Sprouts with Gula Melaka Sauce, Chye Poh Fries, and Sticky Date Huat Kueh, which are all-time favourites amongst its loyal patrons.

Today, Slake is the go-to choice for many across the island when celebrations and gatherings are at hand, thanks to the early adoption of island wide delivery options. To better cater to those dining in, Slake moved from Opera Estate to its current location at The Riverwalk in 2021, in partnership with the JUMBO Group of Restaurants.

The partnership has seen out-of-the-box elements of JUMBO peppered into Slake’s original dishes, further spicing up its menu. Recently, Slake has marvelled cocktail lovers with its newest unimaginable creation, Chilli Crabby Mary, which infused Jumbo Seafood’s Signature Chilli Crab Sauce into an atypical Bloody Mary, served topped with breaded crab claw and fried mantou.

Over the years, Slake’s approach to modern Southeast Asian comfort food and friendly service experience has been recognised through various awards including the Burpple Hot 100 in 2014, NOC Food King 3 Stars in 2020 and 2021 and the Singapore Tourism Awards, Best Casual Dining Experience Award in 2021.

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