Dookki Topokki – 100% Authentic Korean food

The last few years saw the growing popularity of young asians munching on deliciously thick and chewy noodles. And one brand has leveraged and expanded across the globe with their innovative and authentic topokki experience. Dookki Topokki – 100% Authentic Korean food, has spread its presence from the Republic of Korea to various Asian countries. This includes Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

What is topokki?

Topokki is Korean Traditional Food. It was considered as a street food in the past. However, Topokki is currently served in restaurant with high-quality service.

It is typically hot and spicy rice cakes that are chewy. It is accompanied by savoury or cheesy sauces with different meat cuts and vegetables, which has become an instant hit especially with the younger audience.

Dookki Topokki Brand

Dookki Topokki is the brand that shows the evolution of topokki which everyone loves. Moreover, they also have the right understanding of topokki that is representative in Korea. It was founded by Kim Gwan-hun and Park Do-keun. In an attempt to become a topokki master, they have searched and tasted every famous topokki in Korea for more than ten years. Later, they recorded the taste and real essence of topokki after tasting it thousands of times. In addition, they even traveled overseas to taste topokki whenever and wherever they could.

At the end of their long search for the best topokki, they realised what made the topokki special was not a special recipe. But rather the taste that lingers from their childhood memory which they enjoyed while eating topokki with friends. Dookki Topokki will give you delicious and enjoyable topokki along with an enjoyable experience that leaves a pleasant memory.

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