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Dubai is known as the land where people from over 200 nationalities blend and peacefully enjoy the best of hospitality that it has to offer. DXBlends Cafe was launched to offer coffee lovers from around the world, a unique experience of single-origin specialty grade coffees, that are known for their blends. DXBlends Cafe is a local favorite and has served with heart from Dubai to the world, a delightful experience of specialty coffee.

Only the best from the coffee world


Since it was first established in 2013, DXBlends Cafe has served some of the best quality coffee in the region. All of which has been handpicked, roasted and blended to perfection into an enjoyable brew. Moreover, they create unique blends using methods that reflect the history of coffee from the region.

True to their slogan “Picked by Hand, Roasted with Passion, Served with Heart” this Emirati brand of passionate coffee roasters offers a wide variety of specialty coffee from farm to your cup that will win your hearts instantly. This includes single-origin coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Columbia, and Hawaii to name a few.

More than just coffee

DXBlends Cafes are designed for a great ambiance where you can work, study, relax or meet with friends. Their diverse menu offers more than just coffee. This includes unique signature beverages, fresh pastries and cakes, salads and sandwiches, and daily breakfast and meals that you can enjoy at every outlet you visit.

Everything is “homemade” from the best premium ingredients and is served fresh by their friendly staff daily. DXBlends also offer exceptional catering services with customizable menu options for family and corporate events.

DXBlends Cafe is a successful Emirati brand with an international outlook that is keen to grow not just locally but globally too.

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