Everyone has a dream to open a Neşve

We all enjoy a good spot for sipping tea or coffee along with our friends and family. It is almost ceremonious to gather around with your close circle in the evenings for a hot sip of this beverage. Neşve, was the first domestic gourmet tea & coffee house in Turkey that made the experience more beautiful.  They opened their first store in Kayseri in 2008. And their slogan was “Everyone Has a Dream to Open a Neşve”.

About Neşve

Neşve is a cafe & restaurant concept that offers quality and delicious products.  In addition with a good service in a stylish and comfortable environment. They serve a wide range from local tastes to world cuisine, drinks, desserts and cakes in its menu. The biggest advantage of this concept is that it can appeal to a wide range of people and has sufficient menu for continuous sales.

Since 2009 Neşve has lived up to thier slogan “Everyone Has a Dream to Open a Neşve”. They have been growing with the “Franchising” system. They currently have 38 spots in Turkey and a global presence in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Since they target superior products and quality service, they have been able to grow in strength. Their vision is to grow continuously and spread it delicious tastes. They look forward to reaching far and wide with their customers and stake holders.

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