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Take a quiet little cup of tea minding its own business, blast it with a milk or fruit flavor or syrup, throw in the “bubbles” (yummy bites of jelly or tapioca pearls), and get ready for an explosion of fun with MEITO.

Rollback to when it started

Rollback to a summer vacation to LA, one of the founders fell in love with “Bubble Tea”. He then decided to bring Bubble Tea to Germany with their own top-secret recipe, brewed with love and a healthy heaping of mischief. One year later – meet MEITO.

2010 – The first Bubble Tea Store opened in Munich.

2014 – The launch of the Meito Eatery experience, open for franchise home with its “game face” on.

Ever since there has been lots of brewing of new ideas, and a new menu for yummy, healthy food and cool drinks! MEITO’s mission is making life fun #meitodrawsyouasmile.

An incredible choice for Bubble Tea and more


MEITO only uses 100% organic tea leaves for their signature Bubble Tea drinks. Further, they have over 6.6 million awesome combinations of their signature Bubble Tea drinks.

With a passion for consistently awesome drinks and food and a fully customizable and calorie-conscious menu, they leave their customers craving for more. Besides, their franchise model includes wide-ranging venue possibilities e.g. college campuses, airports, food truck parks, downtown and suburban locations.


MEITO a 21st century cool, fun-infused cafe offering endless variety of low-cal Bubble Tea with a choice of mouth-watering popping boba or jelly topping. Along with their famous Bubble Tea, get sociable with their ultimate fuel food, from big-hearted burgers and sandwiches over salads to dainty, tasty bites and cheeky desserts. MEITO – your home away from home – is all about enjoying a fun-infused drink experience with quality, light food and bubbling company.

MEITO is available in 4 different Concepts. MEITO’s Double Decker, MEITO’s Mobile, MEITO’s Express as well MEITO’s Eatery.

For any further franchising queries, you can contact Brand Manager: Winona Gagan – winona@worldfranchiseassociates.com

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