Fill all your kebab cravings at Mashakeek

Are you a meat lover who is looking for some amazing traditionally grilled Omani kebabs? You can fill all your kebab cravings at Mashakeek, who can grill the kebabs like never before.

Mashakeek is a premium chain of restaurants spread across the Middle East offering you a unique dining experience. Using recipes combining the ancient with the contemporary, they bring delectable kebabs & grill from all over world the right to your plate. All their kebabs and grills come with bread freshly baked for you.

Their passion is to delight your palate with their irresistible signature kebabs sandwiches & grills along with our scrumptious range of breads to choose from. They promise to give you a unique, delightful, quick & innovative experience. Moreover, they are also a favorite amongst vegetarians and non-vegetarians both.

You choose from a wide range of meat fillings, fresh chicken and meat, salads, dressings and much more. In addition, you get the option of customizing your sandwiches by choosing from our wide range of free & fresh toppings.

With 7 UAE locations already open, they are still growing and exploring broader horizons.

You can indulge in the flavorsome assortment of signature kebabs only at Mashakeek.

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