Fix anything with Fibrenew

Fibrenew franchising may be a wonderful option for any entrepreneur looking for a solid business model that can’t be automated or outsourced, with unwavering support, marketing, and technological systems, an outstanding product line, and a specialty service that’s in high demand across numerous markets!

This is not just upholstery. It is Fibrenew.

Can that be fixed? is a common question people ask when they see a cracked restaurant seat, a torn medical bed, a torn automobile seat, or a damaged leather sofa.

Yes, and Fibrenew, the industry leader, complies with that.

Wherever it is located, Fibrenew specializes in restoring leather, plastic, and vinyl.

Whether on furniture in homes or offices, the interiors of cars, boats, and airplanes, hotels, restaurants, bars, or healthcare facilities, people and businesses.

Customers can avoid replacing items and can avoid the time and expense of doing so by using a Fibrenew franchise. In addition, it is a more environmentally friendly option than discarding a useful item and purchasing a replacement. The company enjoys providing on-site restoration assistance for its clients using its patented products and unique procedures. Because of this, they are well-liked by the public and successful.

Operations are easy and effective.

This strong franchise business system is suitable for franchise owners who wish to run their own firm but not by themselves because it has little monthly overhead, few or no personnel to manage, and a flat-rate royalty scheme.

With a strong foundation dating back more than three decades, they currently have 301 Franchise Locations and 375 Technicians around the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia who provide professional restoration of leather, plastic, and vinyl wherever it is located.

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