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Coffee Shop Company

Some would argue that coffee shop is more than just a shop where you will find coffee. It offers an ambience where coffee lovers connect, express and enjoy coffee as a memorable experience. Likewise, the Coffeeshop Company offers you the popular traditional Viennese coffee house experience and ambience for enjoyable moments. From the Farm into the cup – Coffeeshop Company promises transparency in coffee trade and quality in every cup.

About Coffeeshop Company

Coffeeshop Company

The Coffeeshop Company was founded in Austria in 1957. The brand stands for a perfect coffee experience coupled with a comfortable, balanced atmosphere and ambience. In other words, it presents itself as a new interpretation of the classic Viennese Coffeehouse tradition. Moreover, it was included in the UNESCO list of “intangible cultural heritage” in 2011.

With Coffeeshop Company belongs to the Schärf group of companies, with over 60 years of excellence in the coffee industry. It aims at bringing the traditional coffee house culture and the modern “coffee to go” trend into harmony as effectively as possible by also repositioning coffee as a “lifestyle product”.

Rapid growth across the globe

Coffeeshop Company

This brand is a hugely successful international franchise concept represented by more than 250 outlets across 5 continents.

The Coffeeshop Company serves as a profitable franchise for coffee lovers who wish share their passion for an amazing coffee experience. They provide versatile training and learning experience that will empower the franchisees to carry forward their legacy.

Coffeeshop Company Coffeeshop Company

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