Get ready to Flip Out

A global family-friendly leisure entertainment brand Flip Out provides trampoline and adventure park experiences. Flip Out was first developed in Australia in 2012 for parents and kids. Its creator specifically intended to design an adventure that would not arbitrarily exclude kids based on their age or height.

Flip Out started out with outdoor trampoline parks all throughout Australia before developing into indoor facilities between 14,000 and 65,000 square feet in cooler locations.

The parks feature a reception/briefing area, main arena, up to 11 party rooms, diner/café amenities, and can accommodate 100 to 350 people per hour.

The adventure-style format, which includes slides, free running, inflatables, and an assault course with the newest technology and excellent customer service, was invented in the UK in 2015.

They focus on providing a delightful family experience from the moment you enter the park and making lifelong memories.

With more than 85 Flip Out parks already open, we have grown the company using the franchising model to operate in nine different countries. They are the largest operator in the UK, and plan to stay that way until they can provide the Flip Out experience to family’s all around the globe.

While “keeping ahead of the pack” with an evolving offer and customer experience, they take satisfaction in being an industry innovator and leader.

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