Hangout spot for your dog friends – Central Bark

In the middle of the 1990s, Jackie Jordan and Chris Gaba set out to provide their dogs a good and happy life while juggling the responsibilities of their families and jobs. They loved their dogs and were keen to keep them as happy as possible. They felt they needed their dogs to be in a secure setting that allows them to play, exercise and interact. However, they lacked the access to those facilities at that time.

This led to them establishing Central Bark®. It was built around the idea that our closest friends deserved the best treatment. Henceforth, they built a space where dogs may get the love, care, and exercise they require to be healthy, content, and well-rounded family members. Their families were more loving and calm, their dogs were happier and healthier, and their communities had a gathering place for other dog lovers.

Today, Central Bark offers one of the most holistic approaches to pet care and operates one of the largest networks of dog daycares in the country. With their distinctive Whole Canine Care philosophy and enrichment focus, which combines decades of dog expertise with the most recent dog behavior science, they go above and beyond a conventional dog day care. Moreover, they provide boarding, grooming, market, training, enrichment doggy day care, and much more. Everything is done with the aim of enabling you and your closest friend to live complete, healthy, and joyful lives together.

Even though a lot has changed over the past 20 years, their objective has not changed: to always nourish, enrich, and inspire whole health, happiness, and unconditional love for every dog, family, and community we serve.

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