Hashi Basha hopes to take Saudi Cuisine Global

Hashi (camel meat) is a unique dish that is popular in Saudi Arabia. This is a rice dish that is prepared by cooking the camel meat along with a variety of spices. And the long grain rice used is cooked in the same water that is used to cook the meat and spices, thus binding all the flavors together. Saudi Arabia cuisine continues to evolve by taking inspirations from across different countries in the Middle East countries. And Hashi Basha hopes to take Saudi cuisine global with their signature dish.

Hashi Basha Restaurant was first established in 2016. And within a short time, they have multiplied and grown in many numbers across Saudi. They currently have 85 branches allocated. Subsequently, they are planning to expand their reach throughout the Gulf region in the coming years. In other words, they are positive about their expansion plans to reach 100 branches by the end of 2020.

About Saudi Investment Companies:

Furthermore, Hashi Basha Restaurants is one of the main subsidiaries of Saudi Investment Companies. Saudi Investment Companies specialize in developing and managing restaurants. The valuable experience and knowledge of this parent company combined with the franchising concept has been an excellent catalyst to their success. It has brought to life, their dream to share the experience of Saudi cuisine throughout the region and soon to the world.

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