History of Perkins Through The Years

Perkins, which began as a single pancake house in Ohio in 1958, has grown to become one of the top family restaurants. They currently operate over approximately 300 company-owned and franchised shops in 32 states and two Canadian provinces.

Perkins has consistently upheld its commitment to offering customers warm hospitality and traditional comfort food at affordable prices. Perkins began with a large variety of pancake and waffle selections, but then quickly expanded to include all day breakfast, hefty steak plates, juicy burgers, and a variety of artisan handhelds, soups, and salads. Their pie is the signature dish of Perkins Bakery.

A large variety of fruit pies, cream pies, and heavenly pies are available in their bakery, along with delectable cookies and famed Mammoth Muffins®. At Perkins, they take great pleasure in our customer service, dining atmosphere, and catering to guests’ preferences. It serves as the foundation of their business and sustains them after so many years.

1958 – First open their doors as a pancake house in Cincinnati, Ohio, and quickly gained notoriety for serving more than two dozen different varieties of pancakes and waffles, including anything from conventional buttermilk to coconut.

1969 – They release new lunch and supper plates and alter their name to Perkins Cake & Steak. Later they changed to Perkins Bakery & Restaurant as a new name for the last time.

1986 – The in-store bakery at Perkins opens. Pies, pies, and more pies are what keep people coming back. They continue to promote kindness and home cooking across the nation from our current locations in over 29 states.

1988 – With the first Perkins location opening in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, they formally made it an international company.

2018 – Perkins accomplishes a goal. They are celebrating 60 years of providing people with hearty, comforting meals.

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