Indulge in clean cravings at The Açaí Spot

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A Açai berry has the power of healing and boosting your metabolism. You can now indulge in clean cravings at The Açaí Spot, while in Dubai. CEO Marcio Saboya, who is a Brazilian started this venture, as he wanted to bring the goodness of the açaí wonder berry to not just Dubai, but the entire world.

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The Açaí Spot

The Açaí Spot The Açaí Spot

The Açaí Spot was created as a healthy style cafe concept. It is the first in the region specialized in Açai berry.

The Açaí Spot Coffee Shop was officially opened on April 9th, 2015 from the idea of two friends who thought to have a cozy and well-decorated café specialized in Açai products. From that day onwards, every time that you enter their coffee shop, you will find a beautiful environment, friendly staff and products made with love.

The Divine Açai berry

The Açaí Spot The Açaí Spot

This beauty berry that comes from the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, is considered to be one of the healthiest berries in the world. Açai will provide you with a lot of benefits which are energy boosting, anti-aging, antioxidants and more. Moreover, at The Açaí Spot, they have created a menu that offers healthy and delicious options. Thereby making it so good to be healthy.

The Açaí Spot

The Açaí Spot’s main goal is to bring Acai popularity to the region and grow the brand as a healthy spot, with an objective to deliver high standard products.

The Acai Spot is the first and only store specialized in Acai in the UAE market. The acai berry is already worldwide health benefits and delicious taste. Acai has a sorbet texture, which can easily be linked to Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream.

Their menu includes; Acai Bowl & Fruit Mix, Healthy Sandwiches, Fresh Salads and Delicious Drinks.

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