InXpress – Supporting businesses worldwide

InXpress is one of the fastest-growing shipping and logistics franchise. They handle international or domestic express requirement.

A Long History

InXpress story began in Rochdale in the UK, in 1999. Founder John Thompson is known to have started the business from his bedroom in Rochdale. It was not until 2006, that the business entered the US market, closely followed by Australia and New Zealand.

They now have over 440 franchisees, across 14 countries, and 30,000 customers. They have built a strong, recession proof business model, which has enabled their franchisees to fulfil their dreams of running their own business, and to be working with thousands of customers globally who benefit from their bulk buying power and VIP customer service.

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Innovative software

It is no surprise that InXpress are technology disruptors in the industry, and that has helped their franchisees stand out in the crowd. Their breakthrough online portal, webship+, stands proof of what they have built with their 2 decades of customer experience. This powerful proprietary software combines an automated shipping platform, a franchisee business management program and a franchise performance tool. As a result, the customers of InXpress save hours on their shipping and empowers franchisees with insights into their business performance.

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InXpress is known to be a recession-resistant business model that have low investment and high returns while offering more scalability and flexibility. In addition they provide you with all that you need to get your business off the ground and ready to build as you wish.

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