Join the fitness legacy at UFC GYM

As the world turns to physical fitness to supplement and enhance their overall health, the doctors and physiologists continues to learn more about complete body health and how to benefit from regular exercise. The fitness business is in demand both nationally and internationally, and UFC GYM is here to meet that demand.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) has rigorously trained athletes for almost three decades. They have collaborated with several trained athletes to create UFC GYM®, a world-class fitness facility created to give anybody seeking to transform their life through the power of exercise access to the best services and tools.

Founded by Winners

Nearly 30 years ago, Brazilian Jiu-Jistu Grand Master Rorion Gracie, director John Milius, and businessman Art Davie dreamed up a never-before-seen martial arts competition that would honor all international martial arts systems. The three men collaborated to create Ultimate Fighting Championship.

A recent relationship with ESPN has helped bring mixed martial arts into the mainstream of American athletic competition. Today, under the direction of Dana White, UFC’s reputation as a premium global sports brand has risen.

Birth of UFC GYM

UFC management started working on an investment opportunity appropriate for the training and skill set of top-tier UFC MMA fighters as they searched for a means to give their athletes a second chance at winning outside of the OctagonTM. The concept was straightforward: create a workout center with all the amenities an athlete would need under one roof.

The outcome was UFC GYM. With the assistance of Mark Mastrov, the creator of another well-known global fitness center brand, co-founder of NEFC, and owner of the Sacramento Kings, UFC GYM became the first significant brand extension of the UFC in 2009.

UFC GYM remains the pioneer of MMA-inspired exercise. They are an extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® and are proud to make the training regimens and advantages of professional MMA athletes available to everyone, regardless of age or athletic prowess.

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