Journey of the Canadian bakery Cinnzeo

Who doesn’t like a great cinnamon roll! If you have been to Canada, Mexico, Australia, or the Middle East, there is a high chance you have taken a bite from their delicious cinnamon roll. The journey of the Canadian bakery Cinnzeo began in 1987.

Subsequently, the demand for their products grew fast and strong. After that, they realised that it was important to be able to serve the demand with a new solution. In 1993, they began to provide the gourmet thaw-and sell cinnamon rolls to retail grocery and food-service industries.

The demand only grew far and wide with years gone by. As a result, today they have a 30,000 sqft office. In addition, their bakery produces 100,000 cinnamon rolls per day. They bake each batch carefully and hand-finish every cinnamon roll and twist. After that, the rolls and pastries are packaged, frozen, and delivered to customers all over the world.

In a span of over 30 years, they have grown and expanded worldwide. They initially started from a small bakery in Calgary and currently have over 70 franchisees all over the globe. They are looking worldwide for franchise operators and owners to expand their footprint. Cinnzeo, is perfect for those looking to invest in a profitable proven business model.



In addition to their signature cinnamon rolls, their menu also includes a delectable range of freshly baked rolls, hot and cold beverages and snacks. It is love at first bite for everyone who has had the chance to try them. Moreover, they have also added a vegan, gluten-free cinnamon bun to their menu recently, created by Alberta’s Care Bakery. And will be available at all Cinnzeo locations in Canada with the exception of Niagara Falls.

About Cinnaroll

Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited is an international wholesale, retail and franchise company.  Cinnaroll is recognized around the world for its Cinnaroll wholesale and CinnZeo retail/franchise brands offering handcrafted cinnamon rolls which are of the highest quality and taste.  The Cinnamon Roll is a symbol of traditional family values and home-baked goodness.

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