Jukstory – Food is your medicine

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Did you know that Juk refers to “porridge” that is a popular “get well” dish in Korea.  It is consumed when people are sick and wish to recover to good health. The soft texture of the dish makes it easy to digest and the fresh ingredients in it, allows the body to absorb all the goodness and heal.

Food is the medicine

Food prepared with good ingredients is medicinal. This is the core philosophy for Jukstory.

They use the traditional Korean cooking pot to cook the food in high temperature. This results in the silky texture.

The Jukstory began in 1999. The brand Jukstory was launched in 2003. And ever since it has grown exponentially and claimed many prestigious awards.

Moreover, it has not only established itself in Korea, but also spread its footprint in China, America, Vietnam and Singapore.

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