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Education has been constantly evolving over the last few years. Choosing the best and reputed schooling can be confusing given the vast number of choices we have around us. And one such example is the Kido International, which is among the finest pre-schools that is emerging in the early education franchise industry.

The Beginning of Kido

They opened their first school in Hong Kong in Jan 2014. The effective teaching techniques combined with the dedicated team effort, resulted in expansion worldwide within few years. They branched out to Dubai, India, UK and USA. Their franchise operations continue since 2019.

Overall education system

Teaching is not limited to just academics anymore. Kido claims to have incorporated elements from multiple teaching philosophies into their program. It also includes fostering creativity, imagination, social aptitude, motor skills and a wider emotional range in young people. Their teachers either have a degree or a diploma in early years education. But more than that, it is their passion and dedication to teach young children, that makes them successful.

Kido Preschool Kido Preschool Kido Preschool

Kido Home

Apart from the classroom learning offered, Kido also provides online classes across the countries. The Kïdo Home, their online preschool offering was launched in 2020. This includes art, music and physical development, in addition to literacy, math and STEM classes. This helps parents from far and wide access the excellent curriculum curated for the children.

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Kido Village

Kido Village was launched in 2020. The aim is to encourage entrepreneurship and livelihood opportunities for women. This program enables women to start creches and preschools from their own homes where children from their neighbourhood can attend. Above all, Kido Village program will provide the necessary training and curriculum to help the women educate the children.

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