Let’s Grill Seorae Korean Charcoal Bbq Way

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Korean Barbeque is a popular way of grilling meat at the table and enjoying it with friends and family. Though there are many BBQ restaurants all over the world, Seorae stands out as a unique concept for “Pork skirt meat” specialty BBQ. Moreover, they have found a special place even among the non-Korean communities, that enjoy a new dining experience. So let’s find out how to grill the Seorae Korean Charcoal Bbq way.

Why is Pork Skirt Meat so special?

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Pork skirt meat is a very unique part that consists of only 250-300g per pig. Also, it takes time and effort to trim before marinade. They hand massage it with special spices and meat aging is their know-how to make the best taste of skirt meat.

Their signature ‘pork skirt meat’ which is a creation from their effort and know-how show a clear difference from other BBQ. Ever since their pork skirt meat has become the most beloved BBQ menu by customers.

Seorae is an authentic Korean BBQ restaurant where you can have valuable dining experiences with charcoal roasted juicy meat and various a la carte Korean dishes. Their signature dish, skirt meat BBQ, and the way to grill makes them different from other Korean BBQ. They strive best to serve great food, in a young & modern ambience and with the best service to their customers at competitive price.



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