Logiscool is your child’s key to the digital future

Are you looking for a educational franchise that does not stop with just helping children become skillful and confident but also prepares them for the digital future ahead of them.

More and more parents are conscious of the need of early computer science education. But this is hardly the entire tale. We must impart to our kids the knowledge and abilities necessary for digital literacy. E-safety, online communication, vital information processing, and, most importantly, transitioning from being passive users to active content creators are all part of it.

Youngsters should develop their creative confidence in the digital space. With this in mind, the international franchise network of fun-based coding schools known as Logiscool is rapidly growing. From 6 to 18 years old, their curriculum is suitable for all students, and parents may simply monitor their development.

Develop 21st Century Skills

These days children are growing up with digital devices in their hands. Even before they can read and write, they are able to navigate through them. Nonetheless, they are still merely inactive consumers rather than active producers. Kids who acquire coding and digital literacy at a young age can benefit from these skills even beyond a career in computers.

In January 2014, the first Logiscool opened in Budaörs (Hungarian), and we now offer instruction in other cities all over the globe. Their student population and number of schools are both rapidly expanding. Their students have the opportunity to learn from from their courses and camps that programming is a joyful activity.

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