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The year 2020 has emphasised the importance of health and fitness. And if the lockdowns and stress caused you to add on some weight, you can lose fat fast with 25FIT fitness studio franchise.

Power packed 25 minutes of fitness


25FIT was founded in 2019. It is a new age O2O EMS fitness studio franchise system. They help you get in great shape by losing weight and strengthen your muscles. In addition they also provide very high standards of sanitised environment and personal trainer experience for each body type.

25FIT has expanded its footprint to over 9 studios in a short span of time. Moreover, they have confirmed 11 franchises to open before the end of 2020. Further, they signed a Master Franchise Agreement for the ASEAN with a regional partner earlier this year. Subsequently, they aim to reach 200 studios by the end of 2022.


If you are looking for a low Capex, high ROI franchise model combining small footprint brick-and-mortar studios, then 25FIT is a perfect match. Moreover, they have mobile in-home services that is enhanced through tech platform.

About EMS

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) is an FDA-approved technology that provides deep & intensive muscle training within only 20 minutes, twice a week in a private space with a certified EMS trainer. Staying fit and leading a healthy & active lifestyle is so much easier with 25 FIT.

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