Making Childhood memorable through Learning Express Toys

“Learning Express” is more than just a toy store; it’s a haven for curious minds and a place where the joy of learning takes center stage. The journey began when Sharon DiMinico, a former teacher and mother of two, decided to turn her dream into reality. In 1987, she opened the very first Learning Express store in Acton, Massachusetts. Her vision was simple yet profound: to create a store that combined play and education, where children could explore, discover, and grow while having fun. 

Sharon’s background in education played a pivotal role in shaping Learning Express. She understood the importance of hands-on learning and believed that toys and games could be powerful tools for fostering cognitive, social, and emotional development in children. With this in mind, she carefully curated a selection of toys and products that not only entertained but also inspired learning. 

The store quickly gained popularity among parents, teachers, and children alike. Its success was rooted in the idea that children learn best when they’re engaged and having fun. Learning Express became a place where families could find educational toys, games, and books that catered to a wide range of interests and abilities. 

But what truly set Learning Express apart was its commitment to customer service. Sharon believed that every visit to the store should be a memorable experience. Store staff were trained to provide personalized recommendations, offer hands-on demonstrations of toys, and engage with children in meaningful ways. This approach created a sense of trust and loyalty among customers, turning Learning Express into a trusted resource for educational toys and gifts. 

Over the years, the Learning Express brand grew, with franchise stores opening across the United States. Each store retained the core values of the original, emphasizing education, quality, and exceptional customer service. The brand’s success continued to be driven by a passion for helping children reach their full potential through play and exploration. 

Today, Learning Express stores can be found in communities throughout the country. They remain committed to their mission of providing parents, teachers, and children with a place where learning is celebrated, and fun is the foundation of education. The story of Learning Express is one of a small-town dream that blossomed into a nationwide movement, proving that when education and play come together, magic happens in the hearts and minds of children. 

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