One of a Kind – Sharetea

Let us talk about this bubblicious drink that is hard to resist from Sharetea. Sharetea was founded in 1992 in Taiwan, and has grown to over 13 countries. At Sharetea, they strive to provide quality drinks and spread joy to milk tea lovers. With locations across the world, Sharetea offers easy to operate business opportunity.

Sharetea Story

Their story shows us big things happen when you have strong faith.

Mr. Cheng Kai-Lung, the founder of Sharetea, was working in the film and TV industry as a director in 1992. Although being a director seems like one of the most glamorous jobs in the world, he was not satisfied yet. He quit his job and started his own tea street vendor business. At first, he encountered many hardships, but instead of giving up, he deeply believed “when you have strong faith, big thing happens”.

After all the hard work he put in, Sharetea was adored by the crowd, and that was how the first Sharetea store got started.

Finest Ingredients

Their drinks are made from the finest ingredients and use only high-quality tea leaves instead of artificial flavors to produce the best tasting tea. They test the tea leaves and ingredients to ensure our drinks’ consistency. Their tea leaves are imported from Taiwan to ensure their tea drinks are completely authentic.

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