Only Roses: Celebrate with elegance

The “Only Roses” franchise brand, originating from Dubai, is a captivating tale of floral elegance that has taken the world by storm. Founded with a vision to redefine luxury gifting, the brand embarked on a journey that seamlessly combined nature’s beauty with high-end aesthetics.

Established in the heart of Dubai, “Only Roses” gained swift recognition for its unique concept: offering a curated selection of stunning rose arrangements sourced from the finest growers across the globe. What set them apart was their commitment to delivering roses in their purest form, with a focus solely on these iconic blooms.

With an array of colors, sizes, and arrangements, “Only Roses” became synonymous with opulent expressions of love, appreciation, and celebration. Each arrangement was meticulously crafted to evoke emotion, whether for an intimate proposal, a grand event, or a simple yet elegant gesture.

The brand’s success was fueled by its dedication to excellence and the seamless integration of modern luxury with the timeless allure of roses. Their distinctive black and gold packaging became an emblem of sophistication, promising a unique experience with every delivery.

“Only Roses” expanded beyond Dubai, opening franchises in cosmopolitan cities around the world. Each outlet retained the brand’s essence while embracing local influences, making it a global symbol of refined beauty.

From Hollywood celebrities to dignitaries, “Only Roses” found its way into the hands of those who appreciated the extraordinary. Their commitment to sustainability and quality ensured that each rose was a testament to the brand’s principles.


In just a few years, “Only Roses” transformed into more than a franchise; it became a cultural phenomenon. Its story is one of passionate entrepreneurship, a quest for elegance, and a celebration of nature’s most cherished flower – the rose.

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