Only the best of coffee at Blum coffee house

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A Unique Design Coffee Shop with Great Atmosphere

blum coffee house blum coffee house

blum coffee house

Only the best of coffee is served at Blum coffee house since it was established in 2016. It is a boutique coffee house located in the heart of Istanbul offering specialty, fair-trade coffee with natural, organic and healthy pastries.

In almost 4 years time, Blum is already listed among the top coffee and pastry shops of Istanbul in applications like foursquare and Zomato.

Blum, designed with Art Nouveau concept, serves on the axis of passion for coffee and pursuit of healthy taste. The brand is established by two sisters who are passionate about coffee.

Their mission is to become a second home for coffee lovers looking for speciality coffee together with quality & healthy food.

More than Coffee…

blum coffee house blum coffee house

Besides offering specialty coffee and third-wave and innovative brewing methods, Blum’s main concern is to offer healthy and organic food with refined sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan options. The shop has signature coffee drinks like carob latte, dulce latte and pistachio which is cappuccino with pistachio.

The leading BLUM’s signature coffee drink called Carob Latte. It is developed by Blum founders for the first time in the world and one of the favorite of guests which is naturally sugar free and extremely good for health.

Other than food and drink options, the shop provides unique handcrafted souvenir items. The brand is looking for business partners who are as passionate about coffee, interested in natural & organic nutrition, want to become one of the few part of a special brand.

Today, Blum is the favorite of those who expect more than coffee in a shop that appeals to the eyes, palates and soul.

blum coffee house

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