Oribel – Nurturing Happiness, Creativity & Positivity

Oribel - Nurturing Happiness, Creativity & Positivity

Oribel is a home-grown Singaporean brand that develops high quality toys and gear, and learning tools for children. Their heritage is rooted in the Meiban Group of companies, a multinational plastics molding and contract manufacturing company.

Enter Cindy Goh-Cabral, Founder of Orbitel

Founded by Cindy Goh-Cabral who describes herself as: “A profound dislike for today’s trend-based disposable culture, I believe that products should be intelligently conceived, solidly engineered and in a timeless design. Products should last through whims and use, for decades and more.”

A finance graduate, her father asked her to join him in his Meiban Group. Mingban Group is an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) provider with capabilities ranging from design development, in-house mold making, plastic injection molding, PCB printed circuit board production, assembly to complete product assembly. Over the years, it has established HQs in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Cindy started out as an entrepreneur, seeking new growth opportunities, developing new markets and creating new businesses. Her father asked her to help set up a factory in China, and to help break into the oil and gas industry!

In 2001, she flew to China to set up a production and business base for Mingban. She built 5 factories there, choosing and training a new team for each factory to great avail. That took her 10 years but she met her husband and happily started a family with 2 daughters as of now.

Meiban Group

It was then that she founded Oribel – part of Meiban Group- as a high-end baby products and toy brand, focusing on original, multi-functional products that reflect the beauty of design.

Basically, Oribel is a step further from the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) concept. It has its own original designs team, and its own brand. Oribel’s team is mainly composed of designers from all over the world, and the products are manufactured by the mother Mingban company. Oribel started selling products in 2015. Its products are available in more than thirty countries, the largest of which is the United States.

At the beginning, many merchants asked Cindy: why is your price almost double that of others? She replied saying that her parents can convert her baby chair into a table that will give extra four years of use!

Ready to join this amazing franchise of love and care for young ones? (Web link)

About Oribel

As a global lifestyle brand that designs premium baby gear and toys. Oribel is committed to creating original and smart products for modern parents and children.

Founded in 2014, the company’s first product, the PortaPlay Activity Center. It redefined the category with its minimal design and becoming the first Activity Center that transformed into a Play Table.

Their Cocoon High Chair that transforms from a recliner to sitting-mode is a favorite among fashionable mamas. Headquartered in Singapore, Oribel’s award-winning products sell in 40 countries across the world.

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