Özsüt’s journey from Turkey to the world

Story of Özsüt

Özsüt is a common name for desserts in Turkey for more than 80 years. Their story started with cream and yoghurt sales in İzmir Kemeraltı. Özsüt’s journey from Turkey to the world started in 1938 by Sefer Urlulu. He was also called Sefer Usta or Chef Sefer fondly.

In 1991, Ibrahim Urlulu, Sefer Usta’s son opened the first branch in Izmir Alsancak. They adopted the franchising system in 1996, making them one of the first brands in Turkey to do so. As a result of the exceptional service and quality, within the same year, they branched out to 6 new stores. During 2002, Özsüt reached 50 branches.  Özsüt, soon became one of the most well-known desserts in İzmir, with its milk-based desserts and traditional Turkish cheese dessert. They proved to be successful for years by keeping the same recipes that started in that first shop.

This traditional understanding mixed with a modern perspective allowed the company to develop its production and line of products. By investing in a 10,000 square meter factory, R&D and consultancy from acclaimed French pastry chefs, Özsüt was able to develop a brand new line of cakes. This growth led to its signature cake ‘Özsüt’s Mirror’, which is an award-winning cake by the “Le Journal Du Patissier” pastry contest in 2004.

The company’s vision is to be present in every city in Turkey by means of sustainable growth, to improve their quality continuously without compromising its main principles. This vision presents is self in the fact that the company does not use any protective food additives and uses the best ingredients, whether it be daily fresh farm milk or the chocolate brand Valrhona, considered to be the best by top pastry chefs all around the world.

Infinity Invest purchased Özsüt in 2014.

Sefer Usta’s son İbrahim Urlulu reacquired the brand back 5 years later in 2019. With this, the company regained its vision of keeping its traditional tastes an incorporating it with innovation. In late 2019, the company started receiving consultancy services from world-renown pastry chef Karim Bourgi for a new line of pastries and cakes.

Özsüt Café and food concepts

Since 2010, Özsüt has also developed its Café and Food concepts. At Özsüt Café’s, guests can find breakfast items and pastries alongside all of its signature desserts and cakes. Özsüt Food concept stores have broadened the dessert and Café menu by offering offers salads, burgers and sandwiches, pizzas, and main meat and chicken dishes.

Achievements in franchising

Özsüt was awarded “The Most Influential Brand” in the café category at The ONE Awards for Integrated Marketing. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the marketing world. The award is given based on both the “Influence and Brand Value Performance Evaluation” research and public voting.

Özsüt’s journey from Turkey to the world currently continues with over 3000 employees. There are more than 150 branches with three branches abroad in Azerbaijan.

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