PappaRich brings the Malaysian experience to the world

papparich logo

We all know that the best food is always made with love and passion. With a storied history in re-creating authentic Malaysian cuisine that’s borne of age-old traditions and recipes. The PappaRich brand, brings the Malaysian experience to the world through the enjoyment of its carefully-crafted food and homely ambience.


The PappaRich Brand personality is a reflection of their aspiration as a company that prides itself on creating wonderful renditions of authentic Malaysian cuisine. The way they speak emphasises their love for cooking, which in turn is the easiest way to speak to someone’s heart and stomach. Their vision is to be recognized as the global brand name for authentic Malaysian cuisine around the world.

They opened their first Outlet in Malaysia in 2006. They now have over 100 Malaysian outlets. They also have outlets in Australia, Singapore, China, Brunei, South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and USA. They have not just built a strong brand locally but have successfully taken it overseas and captured many hearts with their Malaysian cuisine. They continue to expand their outlets in number in existing countries and further their operations to new countries as well.


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