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Nothing can stop you if you have dreams to be happy and the passion to do what you love. One could say that all great business ideas were born from these concepts of freedom and choice. Similarly, at Pizza Locale, a place where passion and dreams take shape not just for the creators, but also for those who dream of a locale and happy experience that is built on community and service.

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The mundane life of chasing dreams to stay trendy while working for someone took a backseat with the owners of the Pizza Locale restaurant chain.

Two university friends from Izmir, after their corporate life struggle in Ankara and Istanbul, asked themselves “why!” The story begins by asking the question! Plans were made with the focus of a little escape and return to sincerity and thus the first step was taken for Pizza Locale. These were the foundations of theirs being an escape story away from egos, with the focus of sincerity, tolerance, peace and happiness, which are indispensable for life in Izmir! This is the attitude that welcomes you like a family. Moreover, they are always trying to do the right thing and hence their desire to invite you to their escape! To have a getaway together!

Their huge variety of pizza choices created from the freshest ingredients that are locally available makes them an irresistible choice. In addition to savoury toppings, they also have a variety of chocolate and sweet options on their menu, with hot and cold beverages. They are spread across Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Azerbaijan.

pizza locale pizza locale

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