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French fries or simply fries or chips, the names for this are varied but the love for the food is the same. People from all age groups are a fan of these simple tasty fries. Potato Corner serves the original flavoured french fries to kids and kids-at-heart.

potato cornerFor 28 years, they are known for their mouthwatering flavored French fries, prepared fresh, fried-to-order, seasoned with passionately formulated proprietary flavors, and served hot and crispy all the time.

They are currently shaking their fries in 12 countries with over 1,400 stores.

Fastest developing franchise in Philippines

In 1992, Potato Corner was brought to life by a group of young friends who wanted to have a food cart business in order to afford mobile phones. After just one year, the humble food cart expanded into franchising. This enabled the hyper-growth expansion of the business: from small carts to in-line stores found in almost every high-trafficked location – malls, schools, hospitals, bus stations, amusement parks, and tourist destinations in multiple countries. From a humble food cart, Potato Corner became one of the biggest Filipino franchise in the world.

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Potato Corner has garnered numerous awards, recognizing its excellent business model and as a well-loved brand. It received the Franchise Excellence Hall of Fame Award, the Best Franchise of the Year and the Global Franchise Award. Potato Corner has won a total of 16 awards locally and internationally.

Potato Corner continues to be an iconic brand for kids and kids-at-heart and a distinguished business venture for entrepreneurs.

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